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PAT Testing
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

At Mayfair Electrical & Property Services Ltd, our PAT testing services ensure that your business is following all mandatory health and safety regulations and the code of practice issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

We offer our PAT testing services to all types of businesses and our aim is to promote safe working environments all over London.

Our Portable Appliance Testing London engineer will first inspect all electrical appliances. This includes all visual inspections. This is an important part of our PAT testing services.

The next step in our PAT testing services is to test all of the electrical appliances individually. We will use a small machine which will tell us whether your appliance has passed or failed the test. A label will be placed on each of the plugs or the cable of the appliances which will state whether it is a pass or fail.

Once we have finished all of your portable appliance tests, you will then be issued with the appropriate documentation. This will include a written report and a test certificate. The written report will give details of the inspection and state which appliances passed and failed.

We offer PAT testing services to all types of businesses and the prices will vary depending on the number of electrical appliances in the premises and the accessibility to these appliances.

Prices start from £50+VAT.

Please call for FREE quotation.

Our smaller packages

SMALL £50 ..upto 20 appliances plus £1.75 per item over 20

MEDIUM £79..upto 40 appliances plus £1.05 per item over 40

LARGE £499...upto 500 appliances plus 90pence per item over 500